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The Rheingold Precious Metals AG is characterized by excellent service, goods of the highest quality, and a reputable and discreet transaction process.

As a company in the precious metals trade, we operate an online shop with shipping to Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In our online shop, we offer our customers the opportunity to store, purchase, and sell precious metals in the form of bars and coins. We are proud of our independence from banks and our location in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which stands for professionalism and the highest quality. As a sovereign microstate, Liechtenstein offers an ideal environment for the secure trading and storage of precious metals.

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The Rheingold Precious Metals AG quickly earned an excellent reputation in the precious metals trade shortly after its founding. In addition to selling to retail customers, we also work closely with banks, funds, and institutional financial intermediaries to make the investment in precious metals accessible to new customer groups.

We are one of the largest trading platforms for coins, bars, and precious metals in the Principality of Liechtenstein and offer fair sales and purchasing conditions as well as transparent price management through our internet platform. Trading is possible in various currencies such as Swiss francs, euros, or US dollars. The Rheingold Precious Metals AG is the ideal contact for retail customers, banks, asset managers, trustees, and anyone interested in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of bars and coins. As an expert in all matters concerning precious metals, we also support our customers in the field of numismatics and storage in safe deposit boxes, vaults, safe rooms, or duty-free warehouses.

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Loreum Ipsum Loreum Ipsum Loreum Ipsum Loreum Ipsum
  • Au 2'149.33 2'149.70
      Bid Ask
    eur 2'221.41 2'221.71
    chf 2'149.33 2'149.70
    usd 2'409.56 2'409.76
  • Ag 26.06 26.08
      Bid Ask
    eur 26.94 26.95
    chf 26.06 26.08
    usd 29.22 29.24
  • Pd 823.22 828.33
      Bid Ask
    eur 850.83 856.07
    chf 823.22 828.33
    usd 922.89 928.54
  • Pt 842.81 844.76
      Bid Ask
    eur 871.09 873.05
    chf 842.81 844.76
    usd 944.85 946.95