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High security storage


True valuables, such as gold, silver and other precious metals, display their value primarily during turbulent times, when the economic, social and fiscal sea becomes rougher. However, investments in precious metals are not only safe from inflation, but, unlike other classes of investments such as shares, real estate and fixed-interest securities, are completely anonymous. This is reason enough to store ingots and coins in a safety deposit box.

A deposit box at the bank is not the best choice
Unfortunately, the days when banker’s discretion was still the most valuable commodity for protecting private property in this country ended decades ago. Politics has already taken many steps to expand monetary policies. And who knows what will transpire in the future, and whether banks or bank customers will be compelled to open their deposit box and reveal their own inventory of precious metals if the occasion arises.

This means that banks are not unconditionally a safe location. But having your own deposit box at home is not much better. According to crime statistics for 2016, a total of 127 burglaries per day occur in Switzerland on average. Besides the western part of the country, the large regions of Lucerne and Zurich are especially affected. So where can gold ingots and silver coins be stored safely, and independent of banks?

Secure, anonymous storage in a deposit box or safe in Liechtenstein
If you would like your precious metals to be really secure, may we suggest a safe or deposit box at Rheingold Edelmetall AG in Liechtenstein. Unlike in many other European countries, the private protection of assets is paramount here. This is evident inter alia in the fact that no emergency legislation exists in Liechtenstein under which hard-earned private assets would be jeopardised by the state.

In addition, absolute independence from the banking system is another strong argument for a deposit box or safe at Rheingold Edelmetall AG. As a private provider, therefore, Rheingold Edelmetall AG is not obligated to issue any reports about the stored inventory or inflows and outflows. As a customer, you have easy, 24/7 access to your ingots and coins, which you can store as you choose.

However, you profit not only from Liechtenstein’s liberality regarding the possession of precious metals and private property, but because your valuables are located in one of the safest countries in the world. Thanks to modern safety technology and experienced personnel, your assets will be as safe at Rheingold Edelmetall AG as they would be at Fort Knox.

With its range of storage options for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, Rheingold Edelmetall AG offers optimum flexibility at fair prices.






Duty-free warehouse: buy precious metals safely with no tax disadvantages
Whoever invests in physical precious metals, as a private investor naturally wants to know that their capital is not only safe, but optimally invested. Procedures that usually work smoothly with gold ingots and coins might not for white metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. Unlike gold, those white metals are subject to VAT in most countries. For example, although that tax is a moderate 7.7 percent in Switzerland, in Germany it is a hefty 19 percent.

For private investors, this means nothing else than that the rates for white metals must increase by at least 7.7 or 19 percent so that subsequent sale to a retailer will not result in a loss. Whoever wants to avoid this hassle must either seek out a private buyer or use a convenient, duty-free warehouse.

What is a duty-free warehouse?
A duty-free warehouse, also known as a bonded warehouse or customs warehouse, is a special type of warehouse. This warehouse provides customs-free, tax-free interim storage of goods such as precious metals. Since each duty-free warehouse is approved and monitored by the customs authorities for the country in which it is located, tax-free and duty-free storage of precious metals is completely legal in those locations.

What advantages does a duty-free warehouse offer the private investor?
The greatest advantage that private investors can enjoy through duty-free warehouses is purchasing precious metals without added duties or tax. This is especially important with silver, platinum and palladium, since it fully compensates for the tax disadvantage compared to gold. However, to be free from taxes and duties the precious metals must be located in a duty-free warehouse. As long as this is the case, you can make sales and purchases without VAT. This means that transactions are possible at any time, as is a request for delivery of the stored white metals.

Naturally, another great advantage is the security of your physical precious metals. Because, since burglary figures are constantly high in the DACH countries as well as the rest of Europe, precious metals in a duty-free warehouse are in good hands. In any case, ingots and coins are kept in high-security safes there, which are themselves located in strongly monitored buildings with the highest levels of security.

What must be observed in a duty-free warehouse?
As soon as you have the white metals handed over in Liechtenstein or Switzerland, the VAT – currently 7.7% – will be due for payment. Whoever wishes to then export their silver or palladium ingots into another country must also pay the difference between that VAT and the VAT of the country in question when the import is made.

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