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High security storage


In times of economy uncertainty, increasing home invasions and continuously growing monitoring of the population - safe, anonymous and bank independent storage places are in high demand. Take active measures to protect your accumulated wealth in one of the safest high security facilities in Liechtenstein.

With a vast variance of safety deposit boxes and individual vaults we offer the ideal storage assortment which provides the ultimate safe keeping for all sorts of valuables – outside the banking system and anonymous. A specially worked out security concept from leading experts in Switzerland guaranties the highest security standards and protection in the entire facility.

Your advantages:

  • Security on the highest level
  • Outside the banking system, therefor no reporting obligations
  • Safety deposit boxes from CHF 350
  • Vaults from CHF 1’650
  • Personal service and support

We insure all valuables zertified against robbery, break-ins, fire and natural hazards. If so wanted the insurance can also be anonymously. The obligatory Insurance costs are 0,2% per year of the stored valuables. When storing CHF 10’000 this would just be CHF 20!

Convince yourself and schedule an appointment with us in our high security facility! 

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