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Customers wishing to invest in silver are best advised, as a rule, to purchase popular silver bullion coins. The investment in physical silver is often recommended as a supplement to traditional forms of investment and offers the advantage of diversification (scattering) in a mobile asset.

The most popular silver coins to invest in or give as a gift are the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra from Austria and the American Eagle from the United States.

Investors mostly opt for silver coins weighing one ounce (31.1 g). Due to the large quantities produced the purchase price is very close to the spot price. Only silver bullion has an even better ratio between the buying and selling price than coins.

Our online shop offers silver coins at a fair price with weights of 1 ounce up to 1 kg. We set our prices according to the current market price of silver.

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  • Au 1'778.28 1'778.56
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'652.68 1'652.93
    CHF 1'778.28 1'778.56
    USD 1'953.30 1'953.60
  • Ag 24.75 24.77
      Bid Ask
    EUR 23.00 23.02
    CHF 24.75 24.77
    USD 27.19 27.20
  • Pt 868.52 873.07
      Bid Ask
    EUR 807.17 811.41
    CHF 868.52 873.07
    USD 954.00 959.00
  • Pd 1'971.02 1'980.12
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'831.80 1'840.26
    CHF 1'971.02 1'980.12
    USD 2'165.00 2'175.00
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