Silver coin Australian Kangaroo (Perth Mint) 1 oz

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This is the first year a silver bullion kangaroo has been issued! The Perth Mint is a perennial favourite due to the quality and subject matter featured on their coins. New for 2016, the Perth Mint has released a bullion quality Kangaroo coin to compliment the gold bullion Kangaroos that have been issued for years. The coin features advanced security features including a micro-engraved "A" in the letter A of Australia, as well as very finely engraved lines encircling the images on both sides of the coin. The kangaroo forms a part of Australia's national emblem, and is considered an unofficial symbol of the country. Add this attractive coin to your stack today! In multiples of 25 this coin will ship in a tube. In multiples of 250 this coin will ship in a Perth Mint mini-monster box.
Mintage year
Mixed years
Fine Weight
31,10 g
Coin bag or tube
Perth Mint
Country of Origin

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