Per insured package

  Liechtenstein and Switzerland                      

  Per armoured transport

  Liechtenstein and Switzerland          


   up to 20'000 CHF:   
20 CHF
   up to 40'000 CHF:   40 CHF
   up to 60'000 CHF:   60 CHF
   up to 80'000 CHF:   90 CHF

   up to    500'000 CHF:   130 CHF   
   up to 1'000'000 CHF:   170 CHF   
   up to 1'500'000 CHF:   220 CHF   
   up to 2'000'000 CHF:   260 CHF    

   Maximum weight

   30 Kg per package

   10 Kg per package



Pickup / Handover

Orders you have paid for, or goods you sell or offer to us, can be picked up or handed over in our branch in Triesen (Liechtenstein) at the following times after an appointment is made in advance.

Monday - Friday

8 am   to    12 noon
1:30 pm    to 5:30 pm

Cash payments during pickups can be made in Swiss Francs and euros under consideration of our duties when processing cash transactions or our duties under the SPG (Due Diligence Act).

Unfortunately, payments cannot be made with an EC card or credit card.

To verify identity during pickups, we will need a valid personal ID or passport.

If you would like to authorise a person to pick up your order for you, please use the form "Authorisation". This authorisation must be officially authenticated and an original copy thereof must be presented upon collecting goods. The authorised agent must present a valid, original personal ID, passport or other official ID. Only in this manner can (and may) the goods be handed over to the authorised party.

Your order will be stored for 14 days at no charge from the time the goods are made available.

After that, we reserve the right to levy a flat-rate storage fee of CHF 20 per day.

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