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Palladium (PD) is a silvery-white precious metal with similar properties to platinum but much cheaper. It is mainly used in industry (catalytic) and also for jewellry (rings, watches).

You can buy and sell palladium bullion through us from LBMA certified manufacturers such as Heaeur, Umicore and Pamp. Casted 1 kg palladium bullion has a somewhat matter surface compared to the die-cut 100 g and 1 oz bars.

Palladium bullion prices for buying and selling are set at the current palladium market price which is updated every 5 minutes in our shop.

You can buy palladium bullion from us in bars weighing 1000 g (1 kg), 100 g and 1 oz (31, 1 g = 1 oz.) with a fineness of 999.5/1000 and upon request, have it stored in our high security facility in Liechtenstein.

Please note that in contrast to other precious metals, such as gold, palladium is subject to an 8% VAT tax.

If a shipment of palladium bullion outside Liechtenstein or Switzerland is desired, please contact us in advance, as delivery costs vary depending on the delivery location.

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  • Au 1'660.66 1'661.01
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'541.65 1'541.98
    CHF 1'660.66 1'661.01
    USD 1'870.95 1'871.35
  • Ag 22.95 22.99
      Bid Ask
    EUR 21.31 21.34
    CHF 22.95 22.99
    USD 25.86 25.90
  • Pt 996.77 1'005.65
      Bid Ask
    EUR 925.35 933.59
    CHF 996.77 1'005.65
    USD 1'123.00 1'133.00
  • Pd 2'124.03 2'128.46
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'971.82 1'975.94
    CHF 2'124.03 2'128.46
    USD 2'393.00 2'398.00
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