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Gold coins have been popular as an investment in insecure times of crisis for centuries. Gold is relatively stable in value and coins are easy to transport and store.

Potential buyers of gold coins are best advised to purchase popular bullion coins such as the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf or the Swiss Vreneli. As a result of their reputation and popularity these classic coins can easily be sold at any time.

The Rheingold Precious Metals AG in Liechtenstein is one of the largest traders of bullion coins in Liechtenstein and your partner for the purchase and sale of gold coins.

You can buy gold coins directly from us in our online shop or sell your coins at the current market rate for gold coins. We will also gladly take care of the storage of coins in our high security and duty-free facility in Liechtenstein at your request.

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  • Au 1'486.87 1'487.17
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'358.88 1'359.15
    CHF 1'486.87 1'487.17
    USD 1'497.35 1'497.65
  • Ag 17.68 17.72
      Bid Ask
    EUR 16.15 16.19
    CHF 17.68 17.72
    USD 17.80 17.85
  • Pt 924.48 929.45
      Bid Ask
    EUR 844.90 849.44
    CHF 924.48 929.45
    USD 931.00 936.00
  • Pd 1'582.84 1'587.81
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'446.59 1'451.13
    CHF 1'582.84 1'587.81
    USD 1'594.00 1'599.00
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