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Gold bars – buy and sell

Gold bullion is a popular way to invest in a physical and mobile asset and serves primarily as a long-term investment or as an ideal gift for baptisms or weddings.

We buy and sell only LBMA certified gold bars from manufacturers such as Argor Heraeus, Valcambi, Umicore, PAMP, Coin Austria AG, and others on the basis of the current gold market price. The prices in our shop are therefore updated every 5 minutes.

You can buy gold bullion from us in bars of different sizes in weights of 1000 g (1 kg), 500 g, 250 g, 100 g, 50 g and 31.1 g (1 ounce). Then you can either store your bullion with us in Liechtenstein in our high security and duty-free facility, personally pick it up or we can deliver it to you.

If a shipment of gold bullion is required outside of Liechtenstein or Switzerland, please contact us in advance as delivery costs vary depending on the delivery location.

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  • Au 1'777.47 1'777.83
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'652.75 1'653.08
    CHF 1'777.47 1'777.83
    USD 1'953.05 1'953.45
  • Ag 24.88 24.90
      Bid Ask
    EUR 23.14 23.15
    CHF 24.88 24.90
    USD 27.34 27.36
  • Pt 869.15 873.70
      Bid Ask
    EUR 808.16 812.39
    CHF 869.15 873.70
    USD 955.00 960.00
  • Pd 1'972.19 1'981.29
      Bid Ask
    EUR 1'833.80 1'842.26
    CHF 1'972.19 1'981.29
    USD 2'167.00 2'177.00
4:52 until price update