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As a dealer of goods, Rheingold Edelmetall AG is subject to the SPG (Due Diligence Act). This law requires us to ascertain, check and document the identity of our customers for cash transactions of CHF 10,000 or more. Regardless of whether the transaction occurs in a single procedure or in multiple procedures that seem to be connected.

The identification will be made using an official, original photo ID. In addition, a written statement of the beneficial owner must be issued. A fee of CHF 200.00 per document is charged for this.

If cash transactions are made with a customer who has already been identified in connection with another cash transaction, we must create a profile of the business relationship (business profile). That profile must particularly include information about the origin of the assets and the purpose and intended type of business relationship. 

With Rheingold Edelmetall AG, cash transactions can be processed in Swiss Francs and euros. The minimum volume for a sale or purchase is EUR 4,000. For cash transactions in euros, however, we reserve the right to charge a fee of at least 1%. 

Please note that cash withdrawals require advance notification.

Other relevant statutory provisions

Anyone travelling from an EU country into Switzerland, or vice versa, while carrying cash having a total value of 10,000 euros or more, must inform the national customs office in question even if they are not specifically asked to do so.

The import and export of precious metals is handled especially strictly. Since coins and ingots made of gold or silver are not treated as cash, but as goods that must be declared, such goods valued at CHF 300 and above must be declared to the customs authorities.

The basis for calculation is the actual market value, not the imprinted nominal value.

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